How to polish marble ?

February 04, 2013.

Marble is a beautiful natural stone, ideal for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and floors. Its natural beauty and elegance gives sophistication to any area. Unfortunately, despite its beauty is very porous stone and, as such, is susceptible to staining and is vulnerable to damage caused by acidic or abrasive agents....

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New Recycled Ceramic Tile

August 15, 2010.

Fireclay Tile, a manufacturer of recycled content ceramic tiles in California, recently launched a new offering called the Express Series Quickship Tile. It's made with more than 62% locally sourced recycled content and, according to the company, contains "more post-consumer and pre-consumer waste than any other tile on the market."
The Express Series is available in six glaze colors (moss, hemp, pacific, skyline, biscuit gloss, and white wash) and 3x6, 4x4, and 6x6 inch sizes.
The new line is a variation of the company's Debris Series, which averages about $24 per square ...

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How to Treat Marble Floor ?

August 4, 2010.

Things You'll Need:

Protective furniture pads
Door mats and rugs
Dust mop, broom or vacuum
Soft cloth or mop
Marble cleanser
Chamois or microfiber towel

Step 1
Protect you marble tile from furniture leg damage by placing protective cups or pads beneath table and chair legs. Protective mats and soft rugs placed at entryways and high-traffic areas of your home will help keep excess grit and dirt from being ground into the marble.

Step 2
Clean your marble tile daily fro...

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